Sunday, November 11, 2007

Picking Out Tile, Contractor Changes

Over the past two weeks, we haven't had much additional construction progress, but many new things are happening at Compton, just the same.

We pored over choices for counter tops in the bathrooms, as well as divider materials and floor tile. A sample of the cabinet doors for the kitchenette and counter top for the kitchenette, both of which have been donated by a member, allowed us to pick the floor color for that room, too.

Shortly after the photo at right was taken, we had a change in contractors for the carpentry work. So progress in putting up walls has slowed, but should pick up again when the new carpenter arrives in another week.

Donations and fund raising continue to be amazing. Please check the updated figures in the far right column.

In worship this morning, Nov. 11, we cele- brated the licensing of our student pastor, Jenn Simmons, witnessed by all present, including pastor Jacque Foster and area minister Penny Ross-Corona. Jenn gave the sermon today and celebrated communion. She also played guitar and led the congregation in singing an upbeat version of Be Thou My Vision. Thanks, Jenn!