Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GoodSearch Good News

The folks at GoodSearch have calculated our earnings in the fiscal year that runs from October 2006 through September 2007. Each search, estimated to earn a penny, actually earned 1.3 cents. We began on GoodSearch in July, and sometime this month, we should receive a check for Compton Cares in the amount of $40.99.* GoodSearch pays but once a year, after their total ad revenue is calculated, but already our estimated earnings for next year are almost $50, thanks in part to shopping. And we have nine more months to go! The total amount you have raised for Compton Cares since the inception of this project is $87.25 and rising. The cumulative total will be updated weekly in the Fund Raising column at the right side of this page.
* Update: the actual check was for $41.09!
Thanks to everyone who has searched and shopped. Your choice to use GoodSearch and GoodShop is making a difference at Compton Heights.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hope, Feast, Share

Advent has come to Compton! On Dec. 2, the first banner, the Star of Hope, appeared, along with an Advent Wreath in the sanctuary. The Hanging of the Greens made the rest of the sanctuary look festive as well.

Today the Peace banner appeared as the second candle was lit. The angel joined the empty manger in the creche. The angel's message: Be Not Afraid.

The project continues to show progress! This photo was taken two weeks ago in the new kitchen- ette. This room as well as both bathrooms are completely dry-walled and primed for paint. Overhead lighting was added after this photo was taken. The new cabinets are assembled and ready to be installed. The paint colors have been ordered as well. We are still waiting for the front entrance work to begin. All week we have had cold weather and freezing rain. Not the best for concrete work.

Advent may reign in the sanc- tuary, but Christmas was evident in the well decorated fellowship hall for the Christmas Fellowship dinner today. Beyond the dessert table is an exhibit of Alternative Gift possibilities. If a group is tired of exchanging gag gifts, why not contribute what you would have spent to one of these worthwhile causes? Or give a gift to a worthy organization in honor of someone? As we enjoyed the food, we exchanged ideas.

A crowd began to gather as the food appeared. Finally Pastor Jacque gave the blessing and everyone could dig in!

Please keep track of our progress on the accessibility project as well as the Compton Cares Financial campaign in the column to the right. And if you are shopping for a special gift, please consider purchasing it online, using either Good Shop or EScrip. Over time, these contributions are adding up! We thank you for your support and wish everyone a blessed Christmas. Next year, we can hold our dinner upstairs in the Library, using the new kitchen and the festivities will be accessible to some folks who simply can't get into the church building today. Being open and accessible to all is what Compton Cares is all about.