Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter, Ramps and Recycling

Easter Sunday was cold and snowy, but everyone had directions on how to enter the sanctuary, thanks to a sign that our Doug and Matt donated to Compton when they moved to Florida.
It was a happy Easter indeed with many new faces as well as returning folks who hadn't been able to attend in a while.

Our renovation and disability access project is almost complete. Inside, a new door provides easy access to the sanctuary from the hallway. The hallway was painted and new signs proclaim, Peace to All Who Enter.

Outside, the concrete work for the ramps is finished and facing brick has been applied to the front surfaces, as the city Landmarks commission requested.

At this point, all we need are the railings, and the project will be complete. On March 28, Dave took the old railings to a recylcer, since we had no luck finding a rehabber who wanted to use them. Another $198 for the project! Next up: the gardens and figuring out what to put in the new planters on this front plaza.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scrap Metal, Aluminum Cans Boost Donations

For over a year, Dave has been saving scrap metal from remodeling projects he has worked on, plus scrap from our renovations at the church. And he has amassed 17 impressive 50-gallon trash bags filled with aluminum cans brought in for recycling. Yesterday, he emptied the pastoral residence basement and overstuffed his little red truck and took off to the scrap metal dealer. He came away with $243.05 for Compton Cares. That included $128 for the 160 pounds of cans alone. Way to go, Dave! And thanks to all who have gathered those cans. Let's start picking them up again!

New photos of the brickwork on the ramps and finished work inside are coming soon. The site has been down because of a computer crash, but we are up and running again. Thanks for your patience, and check in again soon.