Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sanctuary is Accessible!

A long- awaited day arrived on Sunday, April 20 when we were able to open the sanctuary doors once more. Construction of the accessible ramp at the front of the church is complete!

The ramps, steps and plaza at the top are now protected by sturdy and attractive railings. Still to be completed, the planter along the sidewalk needs to be cleaned and filled for planting.

On Saturday we received more good news about our fund raising. The Bridgeton Fund of the South East Gateway Area awarded our project a grant of $6,500. This will pay for part of the unexpected expenses to fix the drainage systems on the north and south sides of the church. As soon as the check arrives, we will update the totals in the expenses and funds raised column. We are so grateful for this grant, which recognizes the amazing commitment of the congregation to ministry in the city!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Railings Are Here!

Whenever we talk about an access- ibility project, most people probably think of a ramp to get into the building. Compton Cares IS about the construction of a ramp in addition to the interior renovations that gave us accessible restrooms and the bonus of a new kitchenette. Last week, the new iron railings for the ramps were installed. The project is almost complete. A landscaper will add dirt to the planter boxes, and a little more finish work is needed outside and inside.

The top view is from the Grand Boulevard sidewalk looking south, toward our commer- cial neighbor, Jack in the Box. This view is from the south side, looking toward our yard and garden that borders Flora Place. Hardy, sun-loving perennials will populate this front planter box. We are taking suggestions from all of you gardeners out there.

The new plaza at the top of the ramp has a sturdy railing that can prevent falls and roll- aways. Next up: a plan to give the sanctuary front doors a fresh coat of paint, and to add a sign that will identify our building to passerby as a church, since it is sometimes lost in the visual "noise" of our commercial surroundings. Soon we will have a dedication and a major fundraising project will be unveiled later this week.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Waiting for Railings

We are still waiting for the new railings for the front ramp and steps. When those are installed, we will be able to use the front entrance to the sanctuary again. We also are looking into landscaping choices for this area, and a group of Compton volunteers recently cleaned up the lawn and gardens so that when the weather stabilizes a little more, we can plant!

Coming soon: information about our fundraising activities, including a vintage quilt sale. Be sure to check back often. Also upcoming: dedication and gala opening of the accessible ramp and other features of the remodeling project. As always, thanks to everyone for your use of Good Search, Good Shop, Escrip, and for saving those cans and coins!