Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ramps Take Shape

Today before a storm blew in, I walked around to the front of the church and admired the concrete work that has happened in between snowstorms. The support walls, ramp surfaces, plaza level cap and part of the new stairs are all in place. The next step will be re-facing the brickwork.

This photo was taken two weeks ago, when forms were in place but the concrete had not yet been poured. You can compare it to earlier posts to see how the ramps have taken shape.

The contractor has brought brick samples for matching to the church exterior. None of the old facing brick on the plaza could be saved and used; it had started to disintegrate. Soon we will see the bricklayers, we hope, if the weather co-operates.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Closer to the Finish Line

The indoor phase of Compton Cares is almost complete! The new kitchen- ette is fully furnished with appliances and ready to use. The stove, counter top, and several of the cabinets were donated by members or friends of Compton. Remember what this looked like last September? It's beautiful.

The new accesssible bathrooms are easy to access from the hallway. The signs make them easy to find.

By January 28 the new restrooms were open for business. The sink, mirror and one of the dividers in the women's room are shown here.

Yes, it's OK to flush. These new restrooms provide comfort and privacy that the previous facilities on this level sorely lacked!

Meanwhile, concrete work goes on outside when the weather permits. These photos were taken on January 20, when the forms were in place to begin the ramp to the sanctuary door.

Since these photos were taken, support walls for the ramps have been poured, but on Feb. 3 everything was swaddled in tarps and covered with 8 inches of snow that fell on Feb. 1. This week is milder, but wet. We hope to have an unveiling of the ramp progress soon.

Anyone who has ever tripped over the uneven pavement through the north garden to Flora Place can rejoice, because the sidewalk has been repaired as part of the project.

The main indoor project remaining is to create a new doorway from the hallway into the sanctuary for easier wheelchair access. More dust, noise and disruption, but the contractor says it will be done between Monday and Friday and all will be cleaned up for worship. We will keep our fingers crossed and our prayer caps on!