Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Dedicate the Renovations and Thank Donors

June 14, 2008--We had a perfect day to dedicate the Compton Cares project and thank everyone who has supported the project so far. After a short worship service in the sanctuary, about 50 members and Friends of Compton processed outside to the new plaza and ramp for a litany of dedication. Then we all went back inside for refreshments and conversation. This isn't the end of the project, of course. We still have to raise about $13,000 and collect all of the commitments that have been made to date. But more important, we need to discern what the next phase in this inclusive ministry will be.

Below I am posting the complete list of donors and supporters we thanked on Saturday. It's a long list, but it comprises the record. Of course we welcome additional contributions of any kind, ranging from spare change and soda cans to checks of all amounts. Please continue using GoodSearch, GoodShop and eScrip as a way to support Compton Cares in the future. I will continue to update the financial progress in the right column, but for now, there won't be any new posts about the project unless we undertake something new. Which we might.

Gifts to Compton Cares Campaign

Thanks to the faith, generosity and commitment of many members and friends of Compton Heights Christian Church, we have received monetary gifts and pledges of $148,108.23 as of June 14, 2008. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following people, some known to us and some not:

Everyone who has brought aluminum cans, cell phones or ink cartridges for recycling, or who has brought coins to the spare change bank.
Everyone who has used GoodSearch, eScrip, or GoodShop, or donated cabinets, countertops and appliances for the kitchenette.
Everyone who volunteered time and donated items for the Gypsy Caravan.
Everyone who has volunteered time meeting with the architects and contractors, and those who helped write and revise various loan applications, grant applications, or tended other financial details.
The Bridgeton Fund committee for its generous grant.
Everyone who has shared the vision and prayed for this project.

And we also recognize the following donors of time, talent, and/or treasure, some of whom made their gifts in memory of or in honor of loved ones:

Arlene Arbogast
Mrs. A.T. Akin, Jr.
Sue Bardelmeier in memory of Paul Bardelmeier, for his love of Compton Heights CC.
Vaughn Bardelmeier in memory of Paul Bardelmeier
Lisa Bast
Jon Berquist & Sally Willis-Watkins
Anna Mae Bertram in memory of Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Blackwell
Jill & Jim Boaz in memory of Helen and Harold Boaz
Ben Bohren
Carol Boss and Matthew Henderson
Brenda Brinkmann
Martha A. Cain in honor of Jacque Foster and Dave Boger
Robert D. and Lois S. Chambless in honor of Jacque Foster and Dave Boger and in honor of Norm and Judi Linville
Jim & Sharon Clayton in memory of Glennon Sack and Hazel Sack Carlisle and in memory of Virgil and Blanche Clayton
Adele Coble
Mary Davis
Ransom and Pat Davis
Clarence J. Diedriech
Cindy Diggs
Roger Elder in memory of Ralph N. Elder
Thelma Elder in memory of Ralph N. Elder
Jacque Foster and Dave Boger in memory of Ozzie Cain and Vernon Boger and in honor of Martha Cain and Nancy Boger
Lynda Gamlin in memory of Lee and Herbie Sutton
Rufus K. Gann, Jr.
Beth Gellman
Cletus and Rona Glasener in memory of Cletus, Sr. and Pauline Glasener
Reed Glasener in memory of Cletus, Sr. and Pauline Glasener
Darla Glynn
Howard and Darlene Goodrich in honor of the Rev. Jacque Foster
Betty and Red Graham in memory of Joe Spitler, Lee Sutton, and Herb Sutton
Tim and Rhonda Graham in honor of Red and Betty Graham
Bob from Happy Friday
Madeline Haraway
Matt Myers & Doug Harrison in honor of Norm and Judi Linville
Carolyn & Jon Hicks in memory of Hazel Carlisle
Darrell, Marty & Sarah Hughes in memory of Clifford and Edna Hogshead
Bonnie Jorgenson & Chris Correia
Lillian Kaley in memory of Fred Kaley
Cora Katzen in memory of Frances French
Rosemary Kemper in memory of Carl Kemper
Bill Kleiner
Darren & Kathie Kreuger
Duane T. Kreuger
Larry & Jan Kreuger
Ruth V. Kreuger in honor of your wonderful church
Larry and Mary Kuhn in memory of Millie Kuhn
Dennis Landon and Lana Hartman Landon
Leslie Latham
April J. Lewton
Norm and Judi Linville in honor of Compton Rising
Ronnie London
Eva Maldonado
Mr. Merry Maney
Ruby Manning and Joan Heintz
Arlanda McCelleary and her grandfather
Marsha McGuire
Shannon McGuire and Matt Walton
Kathy Mead in memory of Virgil Mead and Mary Mead; Walter C. Tarde, Sr. and Lillian Tarde; and Carol V. Mead
Lewis & Dolores Mead in memory of Carol Tarde Mead
Ron and Carol Mead in memory of Carol V. Mead
Timothy Murphy
Susan & Roland Petri in memory of Walter Tarde, Sr., Lillian Tarde,
and Carol Mead
Richard Reed
Bryan and Sarah Richardson
Melissa Roth
Norma Santhoff
The Santhoff Family in honor of Norma Santhoff
Mary E. Schumacher in memory of her sister-in-law, Donna; and in honor of her nephew, Donovan Goodwin
David & Jennie Shirey in honor of Compton Heights’ Faithful Witness
in the City
Millie Slack in memory of George Slack
Sarah Spann
Rosemary Spitler in memory of Joe Spitler
Vijaya Vasudevan & John Srinivasan
Patrice Stricker in memory of George & Pat Fugel, and John Fugel
Walt & Audrey Tarde in memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Tarde, Sr., Carol V. Mead, and Harold & Helen Rudy
Karen Tye and Brent Dodge
Liz Vollmar in memory of Carol Mead and in honor of Lew Mead, Kathy Mead and Madeline Haraway
Barbara & Hugh Wilson
Guang Wu

Update: 6/22/08 The donor list has been updated to reflect a new memorial gift.


We gratefully acknowledge the following talents and skills of professionals for the Compton Cares Accessibility Project:

We appreciate the creative vision of Jeffrey Mugg of St. Louis Design Alliance, whose plan for our project embodied his belief that a building should treat those with varying abilities the same.

We are grateful for the construction supervision by Zach Hamilton and the counsel of Rhonda McDougal of Church Extension during the loan application process.

We thank Beth Gellman for her consultation on landscape design for the planters and our adjoining meditation garden.

We appreciate the offer of Julia Krovicka to design a new sign that will reflect our congregation’s commitment to ministry in the city.

We thank our ministry partners in Isaiah 58, who endured dust, noise and delays while plumbing was being re-arranged over their very heads during part of the construction process.

We also acknowledge the work of our Compton Cares Team volunteers:

Dave Boger was invaluable as liaison for construction
Kathy Mead handled the loan and legal stuff
Jan Kreuger kept the records of pledges and gifts.
Norm Linville shared his experience with working with an architect on a church project.
Shannon McGuire provided page design expertise and tended to many details.
Judi Linville started a blog to chronicle our progress.
Marsha McGuire helped us stay organized and on task.
Norma Santhoff led us in learning to say Yes to the vision.
Jacque Foster, our pastor, was and is awesome.

Thank you, all!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dedication will be on June 14

Our gardens are growing, and providing respite in the shade for people waiting for a bus, walking down Grand, or coming to the food pantry or other services of Isaiah 58 ministries in our building.

On Saturday, June 14, we will have a dedication service to celebrate the completion of the Compton Cares Accessibility renovations. The program begins at 11 a.m. and will be followed by light refreshments and a chance to visit. Donors to the capital campaign will be recognized on an honor roll, which will appear here after the service. We chose a Saturday for this service so that Friends of Compton from other congregations can join us. Let's all hope for weather as lovely as it was last Sunday morning when these photos were taken!

Also on Sunday, I took new photos for the header and sidebar of this blog, since the construc- tion and reno- vations are complete. Our financial campaign is nearing the finish line, too. Follow our progress in the sidebar to the right.