Friday, November 20, 2009

So Much More than Just a Sign

Nov. 8, 2009-- After worship, everyone trooped out to the sidewalk for a dedication of the new church sign. During our disability access construction, a resident in the Shaw neighborhood became interested in what our church was doing. Julia Krovicka is an artist, and she offered to make a sign for us that would more closely reflect the Compton Heights community and ministry.

Pastor Jacque Foster led the dedication. The frame for the sign was made by Dave B., and several members helped dig holes, pour concrete, and place the new sign at a slight angle, so it can be seen more easily from the street. While we gathered, we reminded that Compton truly is a "sanctuary in the city" as life rolled by at 35 miles and hour, including an ambulance answering a call somewhere to the south. The congregation appreciates Julia's gift of her talent so much. She attended the dedication, but demurred when asked to pose for a photo.

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